@amarlault Instagram Profile 4:48 PM Jul 9, 2018

Paris marathon t-shirt !! Great one !!

@_tanucha__ Instagram Profile 5:10 PM Jul 9, 2018

Tu carita 😊 de felicidad 🤣👍👊

@amarlault Instagram Profile 9:53 PM Jul 9, 2018

@faster.with.julio indeed you are right ! They made a great T-shirt this year ! I hope you enjoyed the Parisian marathon ! This is one of my favorite at home of course this is even better ! Keep on going with your wonderful training and great marathon ! Come on Julio !!!

@letsmakearunforit Instagram Profile 12:48 AM Jul 10, 2018

I wish I could train with you while you’re still slightly slower than me!

@jairhare Instagram Profile 1:26 AM Jul 10, 2018

Felicitaciones Julio, ya en acción de nuevo, me alegra que ya esa rodilla esté recuperada, a seguir sumando kilómetros campeón. Dios te bendiga!!

@faster.with.julio Instagram Profile 3:30 PM Jul 11, 2018

@amarlault Thanks man, I definitely enjoyed the race and loved the city. I have been there 8 times already, always new things to see!

@amarlault Instagram Profile 3:34 PM Jul 11, 2018

@faster.with.julio 8 times in Paris ! Wonderful ! You are like a real Parisian ! Let me know if you come back once ! Take care mate !