@naye1168 Instagram Profile 10:08 AM Nov 7, 2018

they look good together ❤️❤️

@dyinasty_simmons Instagram Profile 11:26 AM Nov 7, 2018

I bet Ty be saying baby I hate when you do that stuff to me

@ariellebrooks25 Instagram Profile 7:47 PM Nov 7, 2018

Sometimes you can tell how good the Sex is, by the way they take pictures with each other, you can tell

@thaboogie5000 Instagram Profile 4:02 PM Nov 8, 2018

💖💖💖 sending love all the way from Texas I love you guys relationship and hope it continues to stay solid

@iczeykashmere Instagram Profile 6:40 PM Nov 8, 2018

Is that why here name is Mimi cause of the remi part

@kimjackson808 Instagram Profile 7:03 PM Nov 8, 2018

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful picture and have a beautiful happy upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season and God bless y'all❤️🏆🙏

@leonardorangejr Instagram Profile 9:13 PM Nov 8, 2018

Main 1 talking about her daughter Stevie this Stevie that 1 thing Stevie is not gonna do is what you doing now 2 each is own but you must want your daughter to have a girlfriend when she's grown like you. Stevie fck ya head up woman get ya sht together if not for yourself get right for your child cause you selling her out big time. WAKE YA ASS UP MIMI

@levaran_williams Instagram Profile 9:38 PM Nov 8, 2018

Dykes really believe they they biological father of they girlfriends kids😂😂sick ass bitches

@jwalkingdiva Instagram Profile 12:18 AM Nov 21, 2018

This lets you know its a Choice, most aren't born this way. You get dogged out enough by the opposite sex who/what else is there to run to

@007zldy Instagram Profile 4:15 AM Dec 10, 2018

They look good together!