@stuhorn Instagram Profile 8:58 PM Nov 18, 2018

They delivering already? That was quick! Are these limited to 500 units like the last coupe? @gmbiswell

@gmbiswell Instagram Profile 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2018

@stuhorn just coming through now, production for 12 months only not limited to numbers however they can only build so many in the time frame, so will be similar story to 675lt, it will be a car to own and keep one for the future investors.

@stuhorn Instagram Profile 9:02 PM Nov 18, 2018

@gmbiswell I love McLaren cars, but can’t help thinking that their shitting on the people who buy the new models! The depreciation of the outgoing cars is mental! Been in a 675LT and a 720s and they’re phenomenal but they need to slow down bringing out new ones haha!